Hillary Rodham Clinton

David - April 22, 2008

Hillary Rodham Clinton
April 22, 2008
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Campaign status: Lost

DAVID EICHHORN: I am really concerned about the vets coming back from this war that I know you question and I question, and I wonder if the VA is going to step up a little better with them.

CLINTON: Well, David, we've got to step up. We have so many young men and women who are coming back and they have injuries that are visible and invisible, to the mind and the body and the heart. And it's really important that we take care of them because they sure have taken care of us. And that's why we have to fully fund the VA and it's why we have to have special services for a lot have the problems that our vets coming back with. So I have been a leader in the Senate on trying to do more for traumatic brain injury. It is one of the highest obligations of our president and commander in chief, to take care of our veterans. We owe everything to those who have served us. I'm Hillary Clinton, and I approve this message.