Courage to Lead - Apr 21, 2016

December 31, 1969
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ANNOUNCER: She has the courage to lead and a proven record of fighting for our conservative values. Claudia Tenney – owner of a small manufacturing business and conservative assemblywoman, single mother of a Marine Corps officer. Claudia Tenney is consistently ranked as the top conservative legislator in New York. Shaking up the political class, Claudia Tenney stood up to Cuomo on the SAFE Act and took on corruption in Albany. Putting families first, Claudia Tenney voted against while Cuomo's budgets and property tax hikes because government already takes too much. Protecting life and liberty, Claudia Tenney defends the sanctity of life and guards our 2nd Amendment rights. Claudia Tenney will take on the Washington elite by stopping bad trade deals, securing the border, reducing taxes and regulations, and rebuilding our military. Courageous. Honest. A fighter for us. Conservative Claudia Tenney for Congress.

TENNEY: I'm Claudia Tenney and I approve this message.

ANNOUNCER: Paid for by Tenney for Congress.