Natalie Tennant

Capito Sends Flood Insurance Rates Sky High - May 7, 2014

Natalie Tennant
May 07, 2014
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ANNOUNCER: Flood insurance rates in West Virginia are on the rise because of Congresswoman Capito’s Washington ways. In 2011, Representative Capito wrote new regulation for flood insurance that would send rates sky-high.

CLIP OF CAPITO: I rise in support of the legislation that is before us today to reform the National Flood Insurance Program.

NEWS CLIP: According to FEMA, premiums for West Virginians could rise as much as 10 times under the 2011 Flood Insurance Reform Act.

MAN: Our flood insurance was to go to that much, which would be more than what I owed on the house, I would simply mail the keys back in and just hand it back to the bank.

ANNOUNCER: Now Congresswoman Capito supports even more regulations on flood insurance—changes that would hit West Virginia families the hardest of any in the country. Congresswoman Capito sides with Washington—and West Virginia pays the price.