Kim Weaver

Candidacy Announcement - Sept. 26, 2015

Kim Weaver
September 26, 2015
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Campaign status: Lost

My name is Kim Weaver and I'm running for Congress in Iowa's 4th District.

I grew up in Iowa and my parents taught me to live by Iowa values, and I will fight for those values in Congress. I raised three terrific children in Sheldon, but as a single mom I sometimes struggled to make ends meet. Living through those experiences helped me to see that a responsible government is there for Iowans when they need it.

While Steve King has spent the last 12 years hurling insults on Fox News, I've spent my career working with the sick, the elderly and the disadvantaged. I understand that we need a strong social safety net, and I will fight Republicans like Steve King who want to privatize Social Security. I will work to end elder abuse and ensure that Iowa seniors get the respect they deserve.

Growing up, my dad owned a small business. As an adult, I became a proud and active AFSCME member. In fact, my first political experiences were making phone calls to support public employees whose jobs were threatened by Republican politicians.

After helping those middle-class Americans, I started volunteering and getting involved in grassroots organizing. I co-founded a group called the S.O.L.O. County Democrats and was elected to the state Democratic Central Committee.

In Washington, I will remember my experiences growing up in a small business family and working as a union member I will fight every day for small businesses, family farms and union members – because those are the three keys to a strong middle class.

Instead of supporting Iowa's middle-class, Republicans concentrate on helping billionaires like the Koch brothers. Those aristocrats don't need any more of our help. Average Iowans do.

I will put Iowa families first by reforming the student loan system, protecting our public schools and making sure that the corporations and super rich pay their fair share.

For too long, Iowa's 4th District has been represented by Steve King. Instead of a Fox News celebrity, we need a representative in Washington who understands Iowa values and will fight to protect working Iowa families.

I want to be your representative in Washington. My name is Kim Weaver. I can't wait to meet you as we work together to beat Steve King.

Please visit my website,, and join my campaign.