Claire McCaskill

Betty Anne McCaskill: Claire's commitment to veterans - May 23, 2012

Claire McCaskill
May 23, 2012
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BETTY MCCASKILL: Claire came home and says, "Mother, you're not going to believe this. They've been bearing soldiers who fought in the war in the wrong graves in Arlington." I said, "What?" I said, "There's no excuse for it," and she says, "I know, and we're going to get that corrected." Claire's father was in World War II, so she was particularly aware of veterans causes. We didn't know till he died and in his discharge papers I found that he had a Bronze Star, and he hadn't even told us about it. She respected her dad a great deal and so when she saw what had happened in Arlington, she was just furious. So she started in, and the next thing I knew they were upending all those people in charge in Arlington and getting the right people in there so they could get that straightened out and people could know where their loved ones were buried. That made me very proud.