Maggie Hassan

Bandwagon - Feb. 25, 2016

Maggie Hassan
February 25, 2016
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Campaign status: Won

ANNOUNCER: Considering a Supreme Court justice. It's the U.S. Senate's constitutional responsibility. Ronald Reagan agreed. He said we should…

CLIP OF REAGAN: …join together in a bipartisan effort to fulfil our constitutional obligation of restoring the United States Supreme Court to full strength.

ANNOUNCER: And Reagan appointee Sandra Day O'Connor says consider a justice now.

CLIP OF O'CONNOR: I think we need somebody there, now, to do the job, and let's get on with it.

ANNOUNCER: Let's get on with it. That's what the people of New Hampshire expect and deserve. So why was Kelly Ayotte one of the first senators jumping on the anti-nomination bandwagon?


Kelly Ayotte says the 2016 election should come first.

Kelly Ayotte backing Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell's hardline stance: no new Obama justice.

ANNOUNCER: She's catering to her D.C. party leaders and to her special-interest backers, not doing the job New Hampshire voters elected her to do. Donald Trump and Ted Cruz agree.

CLIP OF TRUMP: It's called delay, delay, delay.


Todd: Doesn't the United States then have an obligation to at least go through the process and have an up-or-down vote?

Cruz: Not remotely.

ANNOUNCER: And Kelly Ayotte agrees. That's why New Hampshire newspapers say it's appalling that Kelly Ayotte is putting partisan politics ahead of the U.S. Constitution, for choosing her D.C. party leaders over the people of New Hampshire. The media says Kelly Ayotte is just wrong.