Hillary Rodham Clinton

African American Voters can Stop Trump - Nov. 6, 2016

Hillary Rodham Clinton
November 06, 2016
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Campaign status: Lost

REPORTER: This is the newspaper of the Ku Klux Klan today. Front-page story is "Make America Great Again" with a big photo of Donald Trump.

INTERVIEWER: Will you unequivocally condemn David Duke and say that you don't want his vote or that of other white supremacists in this election?

TRUMP: I don't know anything about white supremacy or white supremacists, so I don't know.

ANNOUNCER: Trump management was charged with discriminating against African-Americans and breaking federal law.

TRUMP: If I was starting off today, I would love to be a well-educated black because I really do believe they do have an actual advantage. I have a great relationship with the blacks. Look at my African American over here! The man that was roughed up. He was so obnoxious. Maybe he should have been roughed up. Why doesn't he show his birth certificate? What do you have to lose? You're living in poverty. Your schools are no good. You have no jobs. 58% of your youth is unemployed. The violence, the death, the lack of education in these inner cities is unsafe. You can't walk to the store and get a loaf of bread. You get shot. Total poverty, drugs, and horrible, horrible violence. What do you have to lose?

MICHELLE OBAMA: I want a President who will teach our children that everyone in this country matters.

BARACK OBAMA: We know the progress we've made, despite the forces of opposition, despite the forces of discrimination, despite the politics of backlash. And we intend to keep fighting against those forces.

MAN: Every single one of us is a product of struggle.

MAN #@: We don't want to go back, we want to go forward.

MICHELLE OBAMA: We lean on each other because we are always stronger together.

BARACK OBAMA: You want to give me a good send off? Go vote.