Hillary Rodham Clinton

Admirals and Generals - March 19, 2008

Hillary Rodham Clinton
March 19, 2008
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Campaign status: Lost

DAVID STONE, READ ADMIRAL (RET.): There's a large group of retired admirals and generals that believe this is the most important election in their lifetime. We face growing threats around the globe. Senator Clinton is the candidate that we believe is the strongest and most experienced leader.

JOE BALLARD, LET. GENERAL (RET.): She has spent time in discussion with foreign governments and spent time on the ground with military in Iraq and Afghanistan.

EVELYN "PAT" FOOTE, BRIGADIER GENERAL (RET.): The woman has traveled to over 80 countries. She knows this world.

STONE: Senator Clinton has served for over five years on the Senate Armed Services Committee. She's intimately familiar with the challenges that we face in our military today.

BALLARD: Senator Clinton is the only candidate that has articulated a clear plan for getting us out of Iraq

WESLEY CLARK, GENERAL (RET.): She has a plan to bring our troops home in a smart, safe way.

MICHAEL DUNN, BRIGADIER GENERAL (RET.): I have seen her get legislation passed that provides resources for our combat veterans.

JOHN M WATKINS, JR., BRIGADIER GENERAL (RET.): She took it upon herself to make sure that the National Guard and Reserve members who didn't have access to TRICARE insurance would get access to TRICARE insurance.

GEORGLE A. BUSKIRK, JR., MAJOR GENERAL (RET.): Senator Clinton came out early and often to fight for upgraded body armor and you can ask any soldier—you can ask my son—how appreciative they are.

DUNN: I admire charisma. I admire intellect. In a commander in chief, I want more than that. I want proof. I want a track record.

BALLARD: You cannot learn on the job. You have to a base of experience, a framework of experience.

WATKINS: Who do we believe would be the best person to occupy the Oval Office and to answer the red phones we said at three o'clock in the morning or three o'clock in the afternoon? We come down on Senator Hillary's side of the ledger.

CLARK: I believe Hillary Clinton is the right choice for America.