Claire McCaskill

A Senator on Our Side - Nov. 5, 2006

Claire McCaskill
November 05, 2006
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Campaign status: Won


Claire McCaskill
A senator on our side

An effective legislator
"One of the best" - Kansas City Star
"outstanding public service" - St. Louis Globe Democrat

An innovative prosecutor
"tough and fair and innovative" - Columbia Tribune
"toughened policies on repeat felons, violent felons, drunk drivers and spouse abusers" - Kansas City Star

An independent auditor
"a fireball as state auditor" - Kansas City Star
"McCaskill gets things done." - St. Louis Post-Dispatch
"tough and savvy" - Columbia Tribune
"she is fiercely independent" - St. Joseph News-Press

A senator on our side
"She identifies the fundamental problems and expresses enthusiasm - great enthusiasm, in fact - for tacking them." - Kansas City Star
"She is a decisive moderate who relates well to constituents but has the conviction of her own mind." - Columbia Tribune
"For her independence, her attitude and her grasp of the real problems…Claire McCaskill should be Missouri's next United States senator." - St. Louis Post-Dispatch

On Tuesday, November 7th, vote to change America
A new direction in Iraq
Accountability in Washington
A new Truman Commission
A return to fiscal sanity

Claire McCaskill
A senator on OUR side

MCCASKILL: I'm Claire McCaskill and I approve this message.