Hillary Rodham Clinton

30 Years of Experience - Oct. 19, 2016

Hillary Rodham Clinton
October 19, 2016
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Campaign status: Lost

CLINTON: I'm happy to compare my 30 years of experience with your 30 years. Back in the 1970s, I worked for the Children's Defense Fund, and I was taking on discrimination against African American kids in schools. He was getting sued by the Justice Department for racial discrimination in his apartment buildings. In the 1980s, I was working to reform the schools in Arkansas. He was borrowing 14 million dollars from his father to start his businesses. In the 1990s, I went to Beijing. Human rights are women's rights, and women's rights are human rights once and for all. He insulted a former Miss Universe, Alicia Machado, called her "an eating machine." And, on the day when I was in the Situation Room monitoring the raid that brought Osama bin Laden to justice, he was hosting "The Celebrity Apprentice." I have made the cause of children and families really my life's work. That's what my mission will be in the presidency.