Pat Schroeder

Running for Office as a Woman - June 23, 2008

Pat Schroeder
June 23, 2008
Drum Major Institute for Public Policy's Summer Breakfast event "Women's Equality...Why Not Now?"
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When I looked at running for president, it was a very different time. There were whole parts of the country where a woman had never been elected to anything, I mean, even school board. As I traveled around the country, I was like this great traveling novelty act. My very favorite question, invariably at every one of these places, a journalist you figure has been to school always asks is, why are you running as a woman? I always kind of tilt my mic away. Carolyn knows me, I had great trouble when I first ran of people who kept saying, how can you be a congresswoman and a mother? I finally said, "I have a brain and a uterus, they both work. That’s how."

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