Patty Judge

Remarks at the 2004 Democratic National Convention - July 26, 2004

Patty Judge
July 26, 2004— Boston, Massachusetts
2004 Democratic National Convention
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Thank you, thank you.

In the past 2 years, nearly 82 million Americans lacked health care coverage. Last year, health care premiums rose 4 times faster than the wages of our workers. Skyrocketing health care costs, not only hurt our families, they weaken our economy. They force American businesses to pay higher premiums, and cut the benefits of our workers. They force our seniors to decide between food and medicine.

Democrats believe that all Americans deserve quality health care. It is a right and not a privilege. We can and we must fix the health care crisis now. Today over 8 million children lack adequate care. We will expand Medicaid and the children’s health program, so that never again will any child in our America go without medical care. And seniors across this country should never again be forced to choose between meals and medicine. We will keep Medicare strong, and we will never privatize it. We will also reauthorize safe importation of drugs from other countries, to make it easier for seniors to purchase the medicine they need.

Elderly Americans and Americans with disabilities deserve to live in dignity. Americans suffering from HIV and AIDS and those who suffer from mental illness are our friends, our neighbors, our loved ones, they deserve to be treated with respect and care.

Millions of minorities continue to live sicker and die earlier that other Americans. We will fight to ensure that these Americans receive equal access to quality care. And as we fight to take care of our people, we will move forward with scientific and medical research. Americans deserve the best therapies, treatments, and cures. Under strict ethical guidelines, we will pursue stem cell research, and offer hope to over 1 million Americans suffering from diseases, such as Alzheimer’s disease, juvenile diabetes, and Parkinson’s disease.

Finally, Democrats will never turn our back on the veterans that served our country. No veteran should have to wait for cure because of bureaucratic back log. We in the Democratic Party believe in an America where quality health care is available and affordable for all. Where every family can look to the future with hope and without the worry of rising healthcare costs. Thank you very much.

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