Patty Judge

Primary Victory Speech - June 7, 2016

Patty Judge
June 07, 2016— Des Moines, Iowa
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The following is an excerpt of a speech given by Patty Judge on the night of the Iowa primaries.

I want to thank Iowans all across the state for the great support and the trust that they have put in me. It is really, as I said before, it’s overwhelming. I also want to say a very special thank you to my family. To my husband, John, who has picked up all the loose ends and Tried to keep things going for me, it has not been easy, and I know that. Our children, who are here tonight, my son Doug could not be here. One granddaughter now is gone working this summer and gone. Most of them made it here tonight. It is great to see them. The Grandchildren, three of the grandchildren here. Anna Aiden, and Millie, and they encouraged me to jump in this race. They have supported me every moment. I appreciate it very much.

I am also going to say a very special thank you to the campaign staff. They are all here tonight. I am not going to try to name the names. You all know who you are. I want -- you have to know that they have worked their rears off every day to get us to this point this evening. I want to thank you, all of you, very, very much.

I also am going to take this moment to thank Senator Rob Hogg who, just a few moments a called me and offered his support to me as we go forward in this race. Rob has contributed to this discussion. He has talked about Chuck Grassley's obstructionism. He has done a great job. I thank him for the call and for the support in this election. Now, as I said before, my friends, and I am sure I will say again -- I am the judge that Chuck Grassley cannot ignore.

You know, just like you, and like Iowans across the state, I am really fed up with Chuck Grassley's excuses for not doing his job. Friends, despite what he told us, it is not about letting the people decide who should sit on the Supreme Court. We already did that, we made that decision. There is no excuse for not holding those hearings -- none. We know what it is about. It is about partisan politics and nothing more. It is about taking instruction from Mitch McConnell rather than Iowans. It is about his belief that Donald Trump should pick the next Supreme Court Judge. Chuck Grassley said recently he is not concerned about the inflammatory rhetoric coming out of the Trump campaign. Really?

You know, I am. Ignoring or agreeing with Trumps attacks on women, his use of race and religion as a weapon, is wrong. It is a clear sign that your concern is with Washington cronies, not with the people of Iowa. People in Iowa do not believe in bigotry. [Applause] If Chuck Grassley decided that kind of behavior is acceptable, then he’s been in Washington way, way too long….

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