Nancy Wyman

Campaign speech lieutenant governor - May 11, 2010

Nancy Wyman
May 11, 2010— Hartford, Connecticut
State Capitol Building
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It is great. Let me just say thanks to you all for being here today. We really do appreciate you coming out. I want to thank, of course, my family that is here today, my husband Mike, my daughters Stacy and Merrill, and Stacy’s husband, my son, Steve, and two of my closest friends, who I must admit, we’ve gone back for well over 35 years together, and that is Cathy Decker and Chris Hutton. Thank you for being here. Chris Hutton is also the person that does the treasury for me, and when I told him we we’re changing committees. Oh my god, and she still came so I appreciate it.

But to Dan, who I really truly believe is going to be our next Governor. I’ve got to tell you, Dan Malloy, and I have a whole speech here, and I’m not giving it again, Dan is a remarkable individual. A man who has a vision, who has the understanding, who has a heart, who understands that this state has to be changed. He understands about fiscal responsibility, something that has not been talked about too much lately. Dan talks about it.

Dan understands it, that we have to change the way we’re doing government. He’s ready to go in there and restructure. Thinking about how to deliver the services that are truly needed, for the people of the state. We are not a business. We are a service organization. We are here to service the people of this state.

Right now Connecticut needs bold leaders. Leaders who will stand up and tell the people the truth and lead in this state. We haven’t had that for a long time. Dan Malloy is the one to do that. We need a Governor, and Lieutenant Governor, that really can work with the legislators on both sides of the aisle, that can work with the constitutional offices, that can work with businesses and labor, to make things better in this state. Dan Malloy can do that.

And the other thing about this team that I believe, is that with Dan’s leadership, we will see decisions made. Not the way the wind is blowing, but what is right, what is absolutely right for the people of this state. Dan Malloy will do that.

You know, we don’t have to go far to find out anything about this man. Just look at Stamford, look at the work, look at what that city looks like, and it was because Dan had forward looking ideas, he understood what had to be done, and did the job. Didn’t care how it was there, he wanted it done the right way for the people of that city. We need Dan to do that for our state.

You know it is Dan as the candidate that I truly believe is going to win this election. Yes he is, right? Right?

Anybody that thought that Dan would not reach the goal of campaign finance, you didn’t know Dan. He’s a fighter, and he’s dedicated, when he sees a goal, he’s going to get to that goal, when he sees something he has to accomplish, he’s going to accomplish that. Dan is the man.

And I’ve got to tell you, Wyman, Why-man, is going to do it with Dan the Man.

And from the bottom of my heart, and this is true, no jokes made, from the bottom of my heart I truly believe, I really believe, that this state is going to be better off for us, for our children, and our grandchildren, if you work as hard as you can to making sure that Dan Malloy is our next governor, for this state.

God bless you all, thank you all for everything. I want to turn it over, 'cuz I want to say this, I want to turn it over to Governor Dan Malloy.

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