Michelle Nunn

Michelle Nunn Concedes in Georgia State Senate Race- Nov. 4, 2014

Michelle Nunn
November 04, 2014— Atlanta, Georgia
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Thank y'all so much. I just talked to David Perdue and I offered him my very great congratulations, as Georgia's next US Senator. I want to thank both David Perdue and I want to thank Amanda Swafford for their commitment to public service, and for a very spirited campaign.

At our best, we not only accept the electoral results, but we practice the art of bridge building, and reconciliation. I offered David my strongest possible support, as he works to unite Georgia, and to build bridges across party lines and to serve all people of Georgia. I know that you will try and do that. So I met a poet in Gainesville, a few months ago, and she was in her 90's. She told me, I really think you're going to win this race. But if you don't win, you have done your duty. You all have more than done your duty.

The extraordinary volunteers, staff, the people across this state that have worked so hard. We have offered up Georgia a true choice. We've laid the groundwork for this state, we have changed politics in Georgia. Not just tonight, but for the future. We've reminded people of what a two-party system looks like, and a civic dialogue. We've lifted up and advocated for the issues that matter to the people in this country. Whether it's raising minimum wage, whether its pay equity for women, whether its bipartisan immigration reform, these are just a few of the issues that we've helped remind people that are at stake.

Whether it's making sure all of our young people have an affordable and clear pathway to college, whether it's universal access to Pre-K. These are issues that we have lifted up, and will continue to be lifted up. So, I am very proud to have stood side by side on this campaign with thousands of Georgians, who've worked so hard. Your hands, I know, some of y'all hands may be blistered from putting in all of those yard signs, and your voices may be hoarse from doing all of that shouting and talking and telling people how important this race is. I know that these is a lot of tired feet tonight. Because y'all have been walking a lot of neighborhoods, and you could not have worked harder.

We have exceeded every expectation of what was possible in this race. I just want to remind you all that just about 15 months ago, all of the political pundits said that Georgia was not in play, and we put Georgia in play. But we built a foundation and now it needs to be cultivated. It needs to be built upon.

And we need to work on it and broaden our reach with the message that we need to remind y'all that elections make a difference in people's lives. We change people's lives, we change communities, we change our nation, and we change our world, when we vote. We reminded people of that, and we want to keep reminding people of that.

We made choices about how we're going to care for our sick, we make choices about how we're going to take care of our environment, and how we care for our elderly, and these are the choices that we want to continue to lift up in the future as we go forward.

So I hope that we reminded Georgia also that we can and should have leadership that represents and looks like our state. During the first of the campaign, I met with a wonderful group of Pakistani and Indian doctors and (inaudible), and they told me it was the first time that anybody had reached out to them to engage them in this process. When I left, they said, you've given us hope, and you've given us inspiration. So I started off this election saying that I'm optimistic about America, and I have never been more optimistic than I am right now, today, after 15 months of seeing the extraordinary idealism, commitment, and passion of Georgians.

I was reminded time and time again of our Georgia state motto, Wisdom, Justice, Moderation. I have seen it embodied in our Georgia citizenry. Wisdom, and justice, and moderation. So, tonight, more than anything, I want to thank you all. To the staff and the thousands of people who work so hard on this campaign. For the future of our state, for the future of our country, for your commitment, and for your dedication. Each one of you here has given so much, your talents, your resources, a lot of sleepless nights, and an unrelenting commitment. So I am so grateful to walk this path with you to be fighting for something that transcends us all, and we'll continue to work towards.

I want to say a few thanks to only my family, because otherwise we would be out of control of the group I would have to thank. But I want to thank my parents, who are here, they've taught me the importance of public service. My father, every single day of the campaign trail, I would hear a story of someone who he made a difference for. He's a great exemplar of what matters in public service. He's been a role model and a great advisor throughout my life.

My mother, whose fierce determination, who's tireless work ethic, and unyielding support, has sustained me throughout this race. Ron, who as he said, my very wonderful and long suffering husband. I want to thank Elizabeth and Vincent, who are here somewhere. They've travelled the state with me, they have seen the extraordinary goodness of Georgians and the beauty of this state. I think that in about 20 years they're going to thank me for this campaign experience.

You know, also in 20 years, I think that there will be young women, like Elizabeth, who will take for granted that we have equal representation of women in congress, and equal pay as well.

So, even though this election did not turn out as we'd hoped, we're not done. We are committing ourselves to continue to fight to lift up these causes, to continue to serve Georgia. So I know that you all will join with me in doing that.

Are y'all ready to do that? Are we ready to serve Georgia?

Thank you very much.

Speech from https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=rZ1NZT8YVyo.