Jennifer Carroll

Jennifer Carroll Addresses the Republican Party of Clay County- Sept. 2, 2010

Jennifer Carroll
September 02, 2010
Clay County Republican Executive Committee Meeting
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Thank you, and congratulations Leslie and the Clay County Republican Executive Committee for opening an office headquarters. It's so important have a presence in the community, where people with nowhere to come can gather information to get themselves well informed and educated before they go to the polls. Just this week I sent out information about the Clay County Supervisor of Elections Office, and their improvement in the IT, so that information to be disseminated to the voters right there from their computers.

So they can go right online, get information, process it, register to vote and get more information about candidates as well. You can get immediate time response to who's returned their ballots, making it a little easier for you to hone in your campaign to focus to those people who have not returned their ballots. But, what's most important is that we are connecting to the voters, and what I stated in my caption there in my email, is that this allows the voters to be educated and informed on the amendments and the candidates, before going to the ballot. Because an ignorant voter, is a dangerous voter. That's why you can see the many other things we've had coming for us in the past on our ballot.

But I do want to recognize somebody that I think deserves another round of applause, and that's Matt Sherr. I have never seen a public defender as public as Matt Sherr. It seems as if he's campaigning every time, because everywhere I go, Matt's there. And that beautiful face of yours, can't be refuted, because they see you smile and they go "Oh, I'm protected now." So thank you Matt for being engaged and involved, in all of the area's that you represent. I appreciate that very much. That's what a public servant is supposed to do.

This is very critical election time. This is going to be the benchmark in which we put our thumb on the pulse of the voters, to let them know how critical it is to elect the right persons in office, to bring about the focus of our constitution, both state, and federal constitution, to do the job that the people elected us to do. And to represent those who have put us into office, and not be cocky about it.

The other day a reporter asked me about term limits. I said, before I got into office, I thought term limits would be with the voters to vote them out, if you don't like it. But it doesn't happen that way. When people who do not deserve to be reelected, get reelected because they have more money, they tend to get cocky, they tend to get a swell head, and they tend to feel like they don't have to represent the people who elected them, and they represent themselves, and do whatever.

And then we have government run awry, as we see in Washington D.C. If we had term limits there, we could clean up shop, we may get some bad ones in, but by Christ, it's going to be a shorter period of time than a lifetime. But I tell you, it's so important, because now we don't have a presidential election going on, to encourage and incise and motivate people to get out there to the ballots.

So we may have to have a lone turnout, we don't know. It's going to be to the candidates how we move, and motivate voters to turn out and going to help. But we need a strong voter turnout to change the tide, and let the rest of America see that we're not going to stand for the status quo anymore.

If you believe that this state, now we have on the top of our ticket, Governor's race. It's already contentious, and people are waffling back and forth on who they're going to support, I support Bill McCollum, I'm letting you know that right now.

I'll tell you why that is so critical for us. If you believe that we need someone in office, at the head of the state, that's going to have the vision for the state and not himself, then you need to support him. If you feel that this state needs a vision and a direction to bring the economic prosperity back to this state, then you need to vote for him. If you think that we need somebody who already has the experience, that will be able to step into the office from day one, have a plan, and execute that plan, to expose Florida as the economic engine for the rest of this country, then you need to support him.

We do not need that seat to be a seat where you're learning, to be a seat where it's for personal gain, to be a seat where the residents and the citizens of the state of Florida, will be negatively impacted because of the lack of vision. We need to make sure that this state, turns it's tide, and turns in a positive direction to bring about jobs, to bring about economic development, to bring about not only just being noted as the "Disney World state" or the "retirement state" but as the R&D state. As a state where any business can come into Florida, and not have the regulations that's going to tie it's hands to be productive, to expand, to improve the job quality in the state of Florida.

We also need to make sure that the quality of life, everyone, whether you live rural or urban, have an opportunity to excel. That is what Bill McCullum will bring to the table, and I hope that you will see his record, see his experience, see his vision for the state of Florida, see his opportunity that he has, to turn the tide for this state, to make it happen in a positive direction.

Thank you very much for being here today, and thank you for your time.

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