Evelyn Sanquinetti

Inaugural Address- Jan. 1, 2015

Evelyn Sanquinetti
January 12, 2015— Springfield, Illinois
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My fellow Illinoisans. I stand here today, humbled by the journey before us. Grateful for the trust you’ve bestowed upon me, and honored to be the first Latina to take on this great adventure.

[Repeats in Spanish.]

I want to take a moment, to thank Governor Pat Quinn, as well as Lieutenant Governor, Sheila Simon. Thank you very much for your service to the state of Illinois. I’d also like to thank them for the generosity and cooperation that they have shown during this transition phase. The challenges our state faces are very real. They will not be met easily, and there are many that we will confront in days and weeks ahead.

I know that for so many of you, the last few years have tested your faith in the promise of our state. We Illinoisans are as great as we ever have been, but our government is broken. It is keeping us from doing what we have done better than most, and that’s to create jobs, and prosperity, and to educate our children. We are all gathered here on this very special day, because we have chosen a new beginning,

A more porous filled future, filled with opportunity, positive change, and the best Illinois can be.

[Repeats in Spanish.]

As the daughter of immigrant parents, and the first Latina Lieutenant Governor, I am the living embodiment that anything is possible. I know the potential of Illinois.

[Repeats in Spanish.]

I made it to the stage, because I got an education, and I was afforded an opportunity. And that is exactly what Bruce and I want for everyone in Illinois. So that we could all succeed together. We stand before you today to serve all Illinoisans. From the migrant families who I connected with in Oquawka, and the rural farmers downstate, and working moms just like me. The time is now, hemos llegado, we have arrived good people.

And I thank you, god bless you all, Dios te bendiga.

Speech from https://youtu.be/A5I9bonFnaM.