Amy McGrath

Classroom - Aug. 24, 2018

Amy McGrath
August 24, 2018
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Campaign status: Lost

MCGRATH: My final assignment as a Marine was not as a fighter pilot. It was here in a classroom, teaching national security and U.S. government at the Naval Academy. My students were future military leaders who would soon risk their lives for their country, and they would have to have faith in their government. I'm Amy McGrath, and during the last election it became clear how so many Americans have completely lost that faith. Not only are we not proud of our political system, we are completely disgusted by it. It has failed us in every way. And I felt the only way I could do something was to run myself. People told me I shouldn't, that politics was too ugly and corrupt. But I decided that if I was able to risk my life for our country multiple times in combat, that I had to have the courage to come home and fight for my country here. I approve this message, because you don't have to fly a fighter jet to defend America. We just have to stand together. Because none of us can fix this alone.