Karyn Polito

Legalization of Marijuana - December 15, 2016

Karyn Polito
December 15, 2016
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Well the voters obviously voted in support of legalizing recreational marijuana. Today, part of the law that they voted for is in place and allowing for the growing of marijuana at homes, and yes this is a new culture a new industry it comes with a need for a very specific and comprehensive regulation so that we're safe in this commonwealth as this recreational marijuana expands. Just yesterday, police chiefs across our Commonwealth received guidance around public safety initiatives that they can put in place in their city or town. It's a- it's a- it's a plan that is not in terms of being able to detect impairment that's an area of risk to our Commonwealth that needs to be further explored and that of course will be working very closely with … with the legislative members and leadership and our administration to craft the necessary regulations, comprehensive regulations over the floor the next year, to really better prepare Massachusetts before what we're up against going forward. If you have to look at other states that have done this and will learn from what's work and what's not work in those states try very hard to do this in a smart efficient and responsible fashion.