Kay Granger

Statement at GOP Women Health Care Press Conference - July 24, 2009

Kay Granger
July 24, 2009— Washington, D.C.
Press conference
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I’m Kay Granger, congresswoman from Texas, and before I was a congresswoman I was a mother of small children. As an inexperienced mother, I wanted my doctor to tell me the difference in sniffles and seriousness and so I would make those calls and make those visits and we would make the decisions together: my physician, my children’s physician and me.

Later my mother became ill. She had a stroke, and I brought her in to live with me, and so I had to take over her healthcare and her decisions and fret with Medicare and nurses coming to the home sometimes. I would make those decisions, often time very difficult decisions, with her physicians to make sure the healthcare was the best it could be.

Before I came to Congress, I started my own business. I did like so many of the women that are up here, starting your business from scratch, just a few employees, built that business and owned it for 20 years. I wanted to give benefits to my employees and most of the time I did, but I wanted to make sure I kept their jobs and that was the most important thing. So the benefits that I could afford, that they understood, is what I could present to them.

Today I’m an independent woman. I take care of myself. I try to eat well. I exercise. I stay as healthy as I can. I want a doctor who understands that. A doctor of my choosing, so he can help work with me so I can stay healthy and productive. Making those decisions with that physician. Not a Washington bureaucrat. Not someone I’ll never see making decisions for my healthcare. I want to make those decisions along with my physician.

We’re getting ready to make some decisions in this Congress. Decisions about your healthcare, our healthcare, the healthcare of the nation. We’re rushing in this decision as a “healthcare crisis.” The crisis is to get us out of Washington for August. And I’m gonna tell you something. I’ll stay here and so will the women behind me as long as it takes to make the right decision, not a hurried decision.

Speech from https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=wyKKDn4flo0&list=PLF92E094FD597BB0F.