Eddie Bernice Johnson

Make It in America Plan - April 11, 2013

Eddie Bernice Johnson
April 11, 2013— Washington, DC
Press conference
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I’d like to thank Mr. Hoyer for his leadership to revitalize American manufacturing. I strongly believe that if the United States is to remain competitive in the long term, we need to ensure that American companies maintain the capacity to manufacture new and innovative products here at home. The key to maintaining this capacity is through strategic investments and advanced manufacturing research, development, and education. H.R.1421, the Advance and Innovative Manufacturing Act of 2013, or the AIM Act, which I introduced this week along with many of my Democratic colleagues here today, makes these important investments.

The AIM Act brings the public and private sectors together to tackle the research needs of industry. It provides small- and medium-sized manufacturers with innovation vouchers that will allow them to make their companies and products more competitive. And finally, H.R.1421 ensures that our community colleges are preparing students for the manufacturing jobs of the future.

The decline in U.S manufacturing is a threat to the middle class, middle class jobs, and our economy. We need our manufacturing sector to be the most sophisticated in the world, using transformative technologies and innovative manufacturing processes. H.R.1421 and the Make It In America agenda will ensure that U.S companies have the tools and the workforce they need to meet the challenge ahead. I want to thank you and thanks to Mr. Hoyer.

Speech from http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=2tCV8D4LGMA&list=UUVKp8BtjW708H4eXJJQgUYw.