Renee Ellmers

House GOP Women on Obamacare - March 28, 2012

Renee Ellmers
March 28, 2012— Washington, DC
Press conference
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Good afternoon. I’m Renee Ellmers from North Carolina. I represent the second district, and I’m here with my fellow women colleagues on the Republican conference joining with women across the country who have voiced their concerns over the years. Initially when this terrible healthcare bill was being shoved down our throats and yet now two years later the Supreme Court is listening to the arguments, and I am confident that they will find this awful piece of legislation unconstitutional. But regardless of what the Supreme Court decides, we remain committed to the full repeal of Obamacare. Why? Because we see the devastating effects it’s already having. I’m a nurse. The majority of nurses in America are women and have been historically. I am concerned about the care that our patients are receiving. I am concerned as a mother about where my son’s future will go. I’m concerned about the seniors who are now questioning whether they’re going to continue to have Medicare benefits. I have women in my district calling me all the time telling me, "I cannot find a physician. My mother was just put on Medicare and I cannot find a physician that will take it." Why? This is a direct result of Obabacare, the uncertainty that it puts forward. We are committed to stand with women across this country who know that this decision, taking the healthcare decisions out of their hands with their families and their physicians and other healthcare providers, is not an America that we know. The federal government making those decisions just simply cannot stand. So again I stand with my fellow colleagues today. We are confident that we are going to achieve this goal. Thank you so much.

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