Renee Ellmers

Highlighting Forgotten 15 Jobs Bills - Oct. 28, 2011

Renee Ellmers
October 28, 2011— Washington, DC
Press conference
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Good morning. I’m Renee Ellmers from North Carolina. I represent the second district. Back in my district, my business owners—our job creators—are telling me, "We’re hanging on with a thread … By a thread … We’re about ready to close our doors." You’ve heard about the legislation we passed this morning. This will go a long way for those local, state, and federal government contractors removing that uncertainty, which are preventing them from moving forward and investing in their businesses and creating jobs. We can do this today. We can turn this situation around. You’ve heard my colleagues discuss the fact that there are 15 bills that we’ve passed over to the Senate, which have not been voted on. It’s time that Harry Reid brings these to a vote. It’s time for us to turn this economy around. I agree with the president. The American people can’t wait any longer. We have got to do this now, and we can. So I’m urging all of you to start reaching out to the Senate. Start calling on Harry Reid. Ask him, "Why? Why have we not passed these bills?" I believe this bill this morning will pass through the Senate, and it will reach the president, and it will be signed into law. That’s a very good thing. But there’s so much more work that needs to be done. I would like for all of us to call on the Senate and the president to get this done, and get this started today. Thank you.

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