Colleen Deacon

Unsettled - Oct 8, 2016

Colleen Deacon
October 08, 2016
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Campaign status: Lost

ANNOUNCER: In an unsettled world, John Katko and Donald Trump's approach takes us down a dangerous path.

CLIP OF TRUMP: I love war in a certain way.

ANNOUNCER: But when asked about supporting Trump, Katko said…

CLIP OF KATKO: I absolutely will support.

CLIP OF TRUMP: Tell them to go f*ck themselves.

ANNOUNCER: When National Security leaders condemned Trump's reckless statements on foreign policy….


Reporter: People are wondering how those things can happen and you're not flat out denouncing.

Katko: I'm more concerned about my race.

ANNOUNCER: Not about the safety of our families. Trump and Katko put our national security at risk.

DEACON: I'm Colleen Deacon and I approve this message.