Martha McSally

Resolution honoring U.S. Army Ranger Women - Sept. 17, 2015

Martha McSally
September 17, 2015— Washington, D.C.
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And first lieutenant Shaye Haver, for their extraordinary accomplishment of making it through the grueling both physically and mentally Army Ranger training. I mean this is the best of the best. I mean, they’re already West Point graduates, and they've attended the ranger course, which has a very high attrition rate. Only the best get through.

The ranger course is a leadership course at its utmost, and they have shown their ability to get through and not just make it through, but really excel. They are extraordinary leaders, and that leadership is gender neutral. I have said it all along, and I have long advocated in our military, that we should be meritocratic. It's what makes our country great. We should be treating people as individuals, and we should always be picking the best man for the job, even if she’s a woman.

We've seen the naysayers and the arguments. I've lived through my whole military career. But you cannot deny the result of what Captain Griest and Lutenient Haver have done here by making it through this course. I rest my case on this issue. And it wasn’t just that they barely made it through. If you saw the press conference the day before when their male colleagues were left them, and they shared these stories about how they were in a position where they could carry the load anymore, and they looked around and ask anybody else in their group, “can you please help me, carry my load, I'm broken,” these were their words, and it was the women who stepped up to carry the heavy weapon, to carry the load, to help their teammates get across the finish line in this is very arduous rock. And actually, make it to the Ranger title.

So they didn't just barely make it, they actually helped their teammates also succeed, taking on even a larger physical task in order to make it through that rock. This is just extraordinary these women are amazing. I think there are a bunch of bad ass women who show what America is all about. Show what American women can do, and have been doing frankly on the battlefield, in combat, and now they've succeeded in training.

So we can continue to look forward to the services recommendations in January, positions being opened to women. And I will be working with our colleagues here, we had great scrutiny and oversight when they come with those recommendations. So thanks for coming today, we just want to work together across the aisle for this very historic day and congratulate these women of what they’ve done. And I will hand it over to my collegue here, Tulsi Gabbard.

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